Some Dogs Need Space - Yellow Dog

Some Dogs Need Space - Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog is a campaign that appears in several countries - a campaign for the dogs who need more space.

By a yellow marker on the leash, owners can show that their dog needs more space. Maybe temporarily, or for a longer period.

A dog in pain may be scared to get hurt. Or a dog that is adopted may feel that the environment is daunting and requires careful training for a long period.Yellow Dog

Or why not on a bitch in heat, so male dog owners can see without having to get close.

Even children can learn that yellow means that you can not go to close.

Help to spread the campaign further as it is operated on a voluntary basis and depends on everyone to be successful.

Those of us who own these dogs appreciate your help and respect. If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon on the leash this is a dog who needs some space.

Please do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be near other dogs.

How close is too close?

Only the dog or his people know, so maintain distance or give them time to move out of your way.
Yellow Dog A
There are many reasons why a dog may need space: -

  • Maybe he has health issues or is in training
  • She may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The world can be a very scary place for these dogs.
  • He may have had a bad experience with another dog or just not like the kind of friendly dogs who always want to say "Hi!"

In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs a little space.

For more information and to support the Yellow Dog campaign visit or find them on Facebook

Can you translate?
Yellow Dog would be grateful if you would help them to translate their message into other languages.

You must have good knowledge of the language as it may be difficult for them to check if it is correct.

Please contact Yellow Dog before you start as a translation in your suggested language may have already started.

Some Dogs Need Space - Yellow Dog

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